Easily and accurately test a person’s English ability

Quickly send business targeted English tests to your prospective candidates
Save precious recruitment time by avoiding unnecessary interviews
Need an individual test?

Business Dashboard

Send business tailored tests extremely quickly with bulk sending options and the ability to personalize the tests specific to your company.

Adaptive test system

No two tests are the same! Using IRT (Item Response Theory) the test adapts to the candidate’s ability, increasing accuracy and reliability.

CEFR grading system

The Examagram Score utilises the renowned CEFR grading system, also enabling an easy comparison to country or global averages.

Professionally authored

Expertly authored from professionals with years of experience writing material for UBELT, KET, PET, TOEFL and TOEIC.

Free to use!

100% free to use with no credit card required.

What is Examagram?

Examagram is an English testing service that enables you to send tests quickly and easily to your candidates and assess their English ability prior to an interview, saving you time and money whilst understanding your candidates’ ability better.

Carefully designed for business users, the service consists of:

Perfectly tailored business focused Examagram English Tests

An easy to use dashboard with a suite of tools designed to enhance efficiency

Who Uses Examagram?

Recruitment teams and agencies

Education based businesses assessing students

Line managers/directors testing their current workforce

Anyone in business where testing English is required

How it works

Usage Example

Step 01

Recruitment team dealing with a high
volume of candidate applications

Examagram Test sent and other pre
screening processes take place

Step 02
Step 03

Examagram Test result helps
shortlist suitable candidate

Interview process

Step 04
Step 05

Chosen candidate appointed the job

Examagram - English language testing made simple

What others are saying about us

"We’ve used Examagram platform for the purpose of assessing the candidates English competence and we’ve been impressed with the experience, the process of issuing a test takes literally less than a minute. Thoroughly recommended – a real time saver."

Monika Joshevska, Country Manager and Head of Operations, Soteq

“By far the best tool out of a large number we tried, as such Examagram is now a key part of our recruitment process, saving us significant time and money.”

Timothy Cumming, Founder & MD at Marketing Films

Estimate the Time Saved Using Examagram

Use this calculator to estimate the time saved when looking for candidates
with Effective Operational Proficiency in English (C1 or above)

1 Select Region

2 Change the values below to suit your process:

Initial Candidates
per vacancy

Phone Interview
time (in minutes)

Interview time
(in minutes)

Number of vacancies
in a month

Amout of candidates to deal with per a single vacancy:

With Examagram

50 Initial Candidates
Time Saving: 203min
17 Pre Screening Process
Time Saving: 180min
4 1st Round Interviews
Time Saving: 120min
2 2nd Round Interviews
1 Final Candidate Chosen

Initial Candidates
Pre Screening Process
1st Round Interviews
2nd Round Interviews
Final Candidate Chosen

Without Examagram


Total time saved using Examagram in 1 month

Hours 126
Minutes 15

Do you need to take a test yourself?

If so, click here to visit our Certified by Examagram site.

Meet our team

Kristan Polley
Managing Director
Rob Harlow
Technical Director
Emma Wijit
Business Manager
Maja Saveska
Head of Technical Project Delivery

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Examagram - English Language Testing Made Simple