About Us

What is Examagram?

Examagram is a revolutionary language testing service designed to assist recruiters and employers alike in assessing a candidate's English skills in a timely and accurate manner.
Reducing the resources needed and significantly reducing recruitment budgets, Examagram allows you to test potential candidates quickly and easily prior to an interview.

Sending a test to a candidate is simply a case of entering their contact details and they will instantly be sent a link to their unique online assessment. Examagram tests are designed to select questions from a large pool to ensure that not only are no two tests the same. It is a responsive test that ensures the difficulty of the questions can automatically adjust throughout the test according to the candidate’s ability. This behaviour increases the candidate engagement and improves the accuracy of the results by ensuring a candidate is truly tested at each level.
Once a candidate has completed a test, they receive their results online, the same information is also sent directly to you, the examiner, along with analysis and explanation of the scores, and comparisons against averages across regions, countries and globally. With a simple click, these results can also be forwarded on to a line manager, colleague or even a client to truly enable hassle-free recruiting.

Who is Examagram?

Originating from the UK, Examagram has been created by a group of IT and recruitment professionals, with over ten years experience in both industries. Born from a frustration with the expense and poor standard of existing online English testing tools, Examagram was created to assist with the recruitment of candidates in predominantly non native English speaking countries. It has since grown from a tool for personal use into one available globally being used in many countries worldwide for testing English language.

Created by experts

Examagram has been designed by a team of professionals, with years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language, assessing English language skills and recruiting for roles in countries where English is not typically a first language.

The test is designed to accurately determine a candidates English ability, with a specific focus on business, and the types of language used in the workplace. Simple and effective, Examagram helps streamline your recruitment process.

What’s next for Examagram?

That depends on you, the Examagram user. We need you to continue to use the service and help us spread the word by recommending us to your colleagues and clients – even your family and friends. We have plans to extend the test to other languages and skills, our aim is to cover the five main global business languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese and Russian), as well as adding other core competencies such as numeracy testing.
Online English testing is only the beginning! we aim to improve the standard of online testing while helping our clients drive down their recruitment costs.

Meet our team

Barry Sheldrake
Product Marketing and Growth
Rob Harlow
Technical Director
Emma Wijit
Business Manager