Examagram tests

How Examagram tests work

How Examagram tests work

You send the tests

Tests can be sent to candidates directly from your Examagram dashboard. As soon as the test is sent, the candidate can take the test straight away. There is no need for the candidate to login to a complicated test platform, the test is undertaken from a browser and can be taken on a mobile, tablet or PC, so the test can be taken from anywhere with internet access at the convenience of your candidates.

Candidate completes the test

Once the test is started the candidate has 30 mins to answer 60 questions. Examagram tests are adaptive and vary the tests according to the proficiency level of the candidate. Therefore, it requires less time to arrive at an accurate proficiency level for a candidate compared to more conventional testing systems and only requires one test to be sent.

The results are in!

The results of the test will be made available to you immediately on completion of the test, these will be emailed to you or they can be viewed in your dashboard. From the dashboard, multiple results can be emailed to a third party, such as a hiring manager. All tests grade the candidate against the CEFR and Examagram grading scales so you can see exactly the ability of your candidates.

Accurate proficiency testing

The Examagram testing method is based on Item Response Theory (IRT). IRT has many benefits over classical test theory and is regarded as superior and able to accurately grade over shorter test frameworks. This is due to its focus on the item, not the test-level. IRT looks at the examinees’ response to each item in the test. In line with this Examagram tests respond to the examinees’ results and selects the next questions based on these, this is carried out section by section throughout the test. In this way, an accurate grading on the candidates CEFR level can be achieved in one 30min test.

We have had many candidates retake an Examagram test only to achieve the same result, much to their surprise. This because, as explained above, we are not just scoring based on the number of correct answers over all the test; the final grade looks at each test section to arrive at the final grade.