Individual Language testing

English testing to certify your CEFR level

There are times when you may need to provide evidence of your English Language proficiency, be this for a new job or university application. For this, we offer individual tests that provide you with a PDF certificate of your score at the end of the test.

Our test needs to be taken in one sitting, there are 60 questions to be completed in 30 minutes, the test is reactive and adjusts to your level of English proficiency giving the most accurate assessment of your level assessed to the CEFR standard.

Our individual test is priced at $12 per test. Upon payment you will be sent an email detailing how to complete your test, this needs to be completed in one sitting without navigating away from the browser, it is important you have a stable internet connection before you start. Your certificate will be available immediately following completion and will look like the one shown here.

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